Western Digital 1 terabyte external hard drive is one of the popular options today when it comes to 1 TB drives. What can we expect out of this brand?


What Is A 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive?

Unlike the usual hard drive, this one is not permanently attached to the laptop or computer. It can be transported anywhere for easy transfer of files. It can be used as extra storage and backup storage.

With all the models coming out today, choosing has become hard to accomplish. Yet, with thorough research, we can finally say if this model is the right one for us.

Advantages Of Western Digital 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive

1. It is effectively compatible with different kinds of platforms, such as Mac OS X and the latest versions of Windows operating system.

2. Its sleek design makes it more attractive.

3. It features a 16-megabyte buffer, which is fairly acceptable for copying speeds.

4. It automatically switches on and off together with our computers.

5. It incorporates perfectly with the developing stable of Western Digital MyBook hard drives.

6. It is very simple to install. All we need to do is plug and play the device.

7. Having a 1 terabyte storage capacity all in just one drive is absolutely incredible.


Disadvantages Of Western Digital 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive

WD-Passport-1-TB-ext-hdd1. With only 16 megabyte buffer, its 1 terabyte capacity is most likely the largest size we could use for USB transfer. Anything beyond that would make the external hard drive slow down.

2. The bundled software is useful only for newbies, although it is not really of superior quality after a number of years of being available in the market.

3. The transfer rate is still confined by having only a USB connection. We cannot connect the hard drive using FireWire ports.

4. Its source of power is only the AC adapter. There is no option to be USB powered.

5. It is quite expensive.

What Is The Bottom Line?

This external hard drive is a better option for those people who need a drive with a large storage capacity.Iit is really better to have a couple of them to protect your data from damage brought by possible drive breakdowns. This way, we are able to make backup copies of our backup. This is because the drive has only AC adapter as its source of power. To get this at the best price, be on the look for special offers or special sale. People who are interested in having additional connectors, such as Firewire and SATA, will not be satisfied with the Western Digital model since it only permits USB connection.

When looking for a portable hard drive, we should always consider both what we want and what we need. This model may be good, but it also has a share of drawbacks. We need to make sure we check user and expert reviews first to see if the drive match our needs. As a whole, the Western Digital 1 terabyte external hard drive is an average model.